Monday, May 11, 2015

Summer's first CAMBA camp-n-ride!

Each summer we travel west to the Chequamegon forest to ride the wonderful trails found there.  These are built by The Chequamegon Area Mountain Bike Association which we are members of.
Don't forget me!!  I see the campers being loaded.

Since we got to our favorite Namakagon CG after dark,
we waited until morning for photos.

After breakfast, we headed over to romp on Seeley Pass.

It's starting to green up.

The 2-leggeds said it was cool, but I got kinda hot.

We met friendly bikers on the trail.

Oh yeah, I never get scratched good like this.

Ya, keep it going. Both ends, that's good!

This is the high point of the Birkie trail.

Afterwards I went for a dip.
After lunch, we headed to Telemark to check out
the Ojibwe trail.
We heard it was fixed up. Not where we were!

On the way back to camp,  we stopped to see who
was at Rock Lake.  Arly spied an old Ginzu chained up there.

After we got back to camp, I still
wanted to hunt more, so the pack came
with me to the nature trail.

This is right across the road from our camp ground.

There are some ski trails here, and the nature trail.
Fortunately, there were some nice cool spots to take a dip.

I don't mind the marsh crossings.

Big old white pine with roots exposed.

At camp that evening, I got to meet some friendly
 cyclists from Duluth.

Camp supper! I had lame kibble, as usual.
On Sunday morning, I got straight to work.
Chippy hunting never ends.

We packed up, then headed to the Namakagon trail head.
That's the Namakagon town-ship hall.


Frogs were peeping in the marsh.

The sun came out some. Better than rain!

Close up of Sisyphus rock.

We had such a nice weekend.
I can't wait for our next camp adventure!

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