Wednesday, June 3, 2015

Another Tuesday morning at Swedetown trails.

OK, maybe I should tell everyone that my pack rides much more than once a week and more locations than just Swedetown trails.  I do get out for a run just about every day. I just don't get to my blog as much as I'd like...a dog has priorities ya know.
We started at the main trail head.


We headed out on the Back Country trail.


Then 2 Hoots Too.

We saw lotsa forget-me-nots along Applesauce trail.

Then 'round to see Farmer's Well.

We took Lakeview loop going counter-clockwise.

The old homestead.

We rounded the curve by the beaver pond to hear loud,
 excited squawking.  Ya they make quite the noise.

Mr. and Mrs. Sandhill Crane were not that glad to see us.

We headed up Cable Connector.

They went over the rock pile, I went around.

The skeeters made sure we didn't dally here very long.

We started heading back on 2 Hoots and Bunker.


Going over the Bunker.

We stopped at the Cafe Rosetta and Gail stopped by just to see me!

And kids too! You know I love kids.

I hope to be back here soon.

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