Saturday, June 27, 2015

Vacation adventures in Ely MN!

I just don't get out much, but rumor was Sandy's brother and his family were up in Ely so my pack loaded the camper and headed west, then north to be up there.  
I showed Grampa my new toy.
Kids! Sarah and Daniel toweled me off. I do love that!

This is the best: frisbee and swimming, all at once.

I showed Jason how to shake. He seemed to like that.

Ya, you kids can touch me.

I shared the lake. They had a cabin on Farm Lake, east of Ely.

I wonder if they know I love fish too? I hope they catch some.

OK, I'm ready.

Kid time is the best. I never get any ya know.

Sarah, Jason, and Daniel

I got to meet a friendly neighbor.
He's going fishing too. Wonder if he'll bring me some?

At the cabin

We're ready for adventure!

I wish I could come along on their camping/fishing trip.

On Tuesday evening,
we heard that live music would be played downtown.

Oh ya, there were plenty of friendly kids here.

The group was pretty good!

Some really grooved to the tunes!
We all had such a nice time.

Back to the cabin we go.

A don't get much kid time ya know.

I love these kids!  When will I see you again?
On the way home, we stopped to camp at
 Wanoka CG near Iron River WI.

Hunting was excellent, as I expect when camping in
northern Wisconsin.

Tomorrow we'll be home.
 I had such a nice vacation in Minnesota!

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