Tuesday, March 8, 2016

Snow adventures this winter!

Here are some snow-fun photos taken this winter.  Some were taken a month ago when we still had good cover.   Me and my pack just returned from a 4 day yurt-n-ski vacation in the Porkies and had a GRAND time there.  Hunting is always good in the Porkies.   Photos of that will be posted shortly.
This was a ski trail bench at Montreal Trails near Hurley WI.
 Me and my pack visited here to look at grooming machines so we
went for a quick romp while there.
This was one of my pack's favorite trails when they lived in the area.

I smelled a mouse! 
This was in my favorite Swedetown Creek gorge.

OK, a few more taken in the Swedetown Creek gorge.   Can it get any prettier than this?

This is the creek.  I can hear it!  Creeks don't freeze over here.

Now we headed to Mud Lake to see old
 trails we hope to reopen this fall.

Off trail adventures are my specialty!

The Middle Bridge. Hope you got down to see it this winter!

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