Saturday, March 12, 2016

Courtney Lake spring snow adventures.

On Saturday morning my pack headed south to ski around the Courtney Lake trails.   We'd not yet been there this winter!   After that we headed to the Rousseau bar which was previously trail mutt approved for lunch. 
What's the first important thing to do?  Snow bath!

Julie and Keith plus their pack joined us.

Trail mutts don't need no maps...we're out for the adventure!

Those 2-leggeds are slow. I need to run!

We had such a nice ski here today.

Later, I found lots of friendly people at the Rousseau bar!

Oh, how did you know? I do love french fries.

I bet Keith is checking my blog right now.

Did I mention, this place is trail mutt approved?

See you guys next time, you Rousseau regulars!

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