Wednesday, March 9, 2016

Porkies ski and yurt adventure, day 3 and back out!

Here is the last day of adventure and the ski out.
Another glorious morning to be in a yurt, camping and in
da snow.  Oh and I'm hunting first thing!
Back across the snow bridge we romp.

On the ski trail, a Fisher had been romping down it earlier.

We tromped over to the top of the ski hill on our way to the west vista.

We haven't been here in years!

While here, some friendly people from Appleton
came by just to scratch me.  No one ever does that!

Next, we zipped down the Overlook Trail. It really did go down!

We love the old growth hemlock forest.

It was getting sort of soft for bounding.

Impressive dead fall!

Late in the day, I stopped for a cooling drink in the Union River.
It was so pretty.

When we got home, I was hungry.

It was a busy, busy day for an almost-9-yo trail mutt.  I just couldn't stay up any longer.
Finally, the next morning we packed up and head
back to civilization. I hauled out the garbage, as usual.
Trail mutts do that sort of thing.

The pileated woodpeckers have been busy.


Back across Union River.

Snow pack is going down fast, but skiing was fine.

Tree's that had fallen across the ski trail some time ago.

I hope you can join us for our annual fall cabin-to-cabin adventure!

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