Wednesday, March 9, 2016

Porkies ski and yurt adventure, days 1 and 2

My pack again headed to the Porkies state park for another ski and yurt spring adventure.  This post will be days 1 and 2.
I carried my kibble, just in case hunting was thin.
We're off! Arly pulled the pulk.

Sandy carried a light back pack.

The trails were great!
Although, we did have to ford this creek here.

I led the way, as usual.   They are slow.

I think we go this way...

Oh ya! Home sweet home.

The next morning, the pack got the day off
to the right start: with GOOD COFFEE.

Finally! We headed off on our back country romp.

I showed her how to get across the little stream.

The sun came out!

We met some friendly campers.
Obviously, they had not been to my blog or they'd be in a yurt too.

We could see Union Spring percolating at the bottom of the pond.

We had lunch at our favorite Cross Cut Cabin.

Then we went to Log Camp cabin. See? It was 44!

Then we checked out the east vista.

Snow bathing with a view is the best. I recommend it!

Finally, we made it back to the yurt.

Good thing I showed him earlier how to get across.

I took a break from hunting for this photo opp.

We had such a nice ski today.

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