Tuesday, February 23, 2016

Big Bay ski adventure!

I must apologize for my pack's lameness with helping me keep you up on our adventures this winter. Finally, here's an update of recent adventures me and my pack have been on.
My pal Terry invited us up for adventures with his Big Bay gang!

I made the rounds to see Dennis, Sven, and Nick.
Big Bay is just north of Marquette MI.   I love this place!

The Honey Bear even made an appearance. On TV too!

Finally, we're going!  Seems in all directions.

We admired the nice signs Nick had made.

Terry's weenie roasting venue. What a view!

You don't need a plow with all-paw drive.

Well, at least they all made it down in one piece.

I hope we see you all again soon! I don't get no rubbing at home!

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