Friday, July 31, 2015

Various adventures!

Oh Ya. Don and Sharon invited my pack over for a most delicious supper...I got to come along but I had to fend for myself.
Ya Don, no one ever touches me.

They even had rhubarb pie for dessert...I didn't get any.

I had to be on the lookout for vermin.

I did take a break for some ear scratching. I love that!

OK, back to work.
Back at home, since it's been so hot lately,
Sandy decided it was time for summertime
haircut #2.
Here, I'm showing off my luxurious fringes and
border collie coat.
I don't mind being groomed.
This helps keep the weed seeds out of my coat.

And cooler! See, my butt is nice and trimmed now.

Ya, my fringes were trimmed too.

Now I look like my dad...a Labrador.

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