Monday, August 10, 2015

Back to camp CAMBA!

Our temps cooled down so we thought we'd head west as soon as Sandy gets off work to camp and go for rides on those wonderful CAMBA trails near Cable WI.   She's been working way to much!
I'm SO glad to be camping again!   And Jeff came to.
The next morning we meet Greg at OO trail head to ride.
Ya Greg, you can scratch me.
I finally get to run some!

I'm so glad these guys came along.   Greg groom's ski trails.

My pack are CAMBA trail members.

  My pack hasn't been riding much because of heat
and long days at work..

These trails are soooooo much fun!
Sandy really got a nice photo here.

We fly past ferns.

Jeff takes the lead.

Actually, may pack has been riding darn little
and pretty slow.

Greg had to tun back so us three rode further.
We stopped to pick berries here.


We have lunch at the OO chalet.

The Birkie trail organization was having a meeting here
and had equipment out.
Arly loves to see ski trail machinery.

After lunch me, Sandy and Arly went for another ride
 heading in the other direction.
This is the Seely Pass trail.
Oh these are fun!

Berms are the best!

Back at camp I got right into squirrel hunting again.

Sandy made stir fry.

We all ate good.
Me and Jeff went to get more water.   I love Jeff!

The neighbors Sara, Morgan and John.
Turns out, I'd meet them before at a ski race in Ironwood MI.
John grooms trails in Two Harbor MN.
 I love groomers.   I'm a winter dog ya know.
We had such a nice time here.

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