Tuesday, August 11, 2015

Tuesday NCT adventures!

On Monday evening we headed back to Gardner road to camp and watch for some Perseid Meteors. Then, on Tuesday morning, we cleared another section of the North Country Trail that we've adopted.   The temperature was predicted to be very reasonable for us winter like folks.
Some dogs just love to camp!

Before dark, we mosey on down to see the
bridge on Tank creek.
Here is when we cleared it a few weeks ago.
It was a gorgeous evening.
Although the meteor shower turned out to be
more like a drizzle.

We ate a hardy breakfast the next morning. 
The next morning on the trail.
Oh dear, it's been a good year for growing grass.

Now it's gone.
Arly spent most of the day whacking down the grass.

Sandy is refreshing the blazes and lopped.
This one was painted last summer.

I love helping out on the trail. 
This is Sandy's blazing kit.

Arly put the pole saw into action for this one
plus some branch trimming.
Ya Sandy, you paint that one and
I'll watch for chipmunks.
We got as far as this logging path and we hiked
down it to see if it connected with a FS road.

It did! Looks like we could use it for accessing the trail
for the next work day.
Now we head back.

All done and after a whole day of this, I'm a tired pup.

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