Thursday, August 20, 2015

Horseshoe Harbor rerun.

In warm temps, Mark's gang headed northeast up the Keweenaw to hike in to Horseshoe Harbor  preserve.
It was HOT here.
Oh good, we head down the road towards the shore.
I'm glad Bella came.
They need to look at a map.  I see the trail just fine.
On the shore, a brisk west wind makes it cooler here. 
This is another Copper Harbor conglomerate outcrop.

Mark crosses this crevasse.  It's quite deep.

The people were nervous crossing it so again,
 I showed them how to jump over.

The white rock is stromatolites found here.  
This is a fossilized algae and very, very old.

Me and Bella took a cool dip.

The 2-leggeds egged me out to show them how to swim.

I recommend dog-paddliing.
Time to head back.
A closer look at the stromatolite.

This one had been drilled for core sampling.

One last cooling dip.

This lake is the prettiest!

I swam laps around them.


Time to head back to the car.

We're so glad the Nature Conservancy has kept this special
 place open for everyone.

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