Thursday, September 3, 2015

Cliff Mine site hike.

Each summer Mark's gang goes to the Cliff Mine site for a Sunday afternoon hike.  It was hot out this day!
At the bottom we start right off crossing poor rock and tailings.

This mine was started around 1845 and the
first one to create a profit in the area.

Mine building foundations.

Up the hill we go.  I see the path!

I love to hang with friendly hikers.
But I do see vermin!

We stop at a cliff edge for water and the view.

Everyone took photos.

It was pretty up here.

Off we go on the back side of the cliffs.

The trail was rugged for the 2 leg types.

No problem for trail mutts.

Along the top, we stop for snacks.

I'm so glad Bella came!

Lots of smart talk here.

Ya, it was hot hot.

Oh good, we head out for more adventures.

This stack says 1845 on it.

This poor rock was put here after that date.

I love Bryan!  He rubs me.

Interesting rocks were discussed.

The last overlook on the cliff.

We head down.

These rocks tumbled down the cliff.
We stop to see grave stones in the Protestant cemetery.
Life was hard here.

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  1. Well done. And your last comment is so true.
    Great adventure.