Saturday, September 26, 2015

CAMBA camp-n-ride, day 3

On Monday, we headed to Bodecker Road to ride up the Seeley Pass and Flow Mama trails.
Hey! Who's that?

Another bright, cool morning for a ride.

We took a break up on the High Point.

We shot down John's Chute.

Hey! I spy vermin. Hunting was good, as usual.

They took the high road, I took the low road.

The Gravity Cavity! Trail candy at its best.

After lunch at the car, we headed south.
Here's the Pothole Plunge.

It was getting warm out.

We love bermed turns!

And going downhill.

Yet another berm and switchback.

Back to the car!

Camp supper was steak n taters.
I didn't get any, again.

Although I did find a nice bone to gnaw out in the woods.
Later, they took it away from me.   Oh well.

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