Sunday, September 6, 2015

Saturday morning at ST trails!

With a warm forecast, we headed up to Swedetown trails to sneak in a ride before it got too hot out.
Oh good, we start out on the Applesauce trail.

We head out from the parking lot.
I don't get out much you know.

Sandy got a good shot here.

It's hard to take photos with the light blocked by leaves.


Oh ya!

Where are we going next?

It sure was steamy out.

My tongue comes out when the thermometer goes up.

We head back on the Back Country Trail. It's too hot to ride farther.

We stopped for a cool dip.
You can't see me, but me and the frogs are enjoying
the water here.

Ok, now we're going again.

I really, really need to run.

You can see the humidity in this photo. 
I still had a good run!

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