Sunday, July 19, 2015

NCT trail Camp-N-Clearing.

On Friday when Sandy got off work, we packed the camper with tools and food, then we headed west to do some work on our section of the North County Trail.  Our section is located just southeast of Mass City MI.  By the way, I'll apologize for my pack since my blog has been quiet lately. We have been out for walks and rides, but nothing exciting enough to post. 
I saw camp and trail working stuff coming out. 
You're not going to forget me!

The parking lot was all grassy. 
So the 1st thing to do was whack that down to help keep
mosquitoes at bay.
Cut grass was thrown everywhere!

Then we went for a short hike to see the grass
and foliage growth on the trail.
Not bad here!

I see weeds up ahead.

Oh,  it's been a wet and good growing year.
Lots of it!  It's about 4ft tall.

We hiked the trail around camp.

We came out on Gardner Rd.

I spied a chipmunk!

Ya, I am a hunting dog you know.

OK, we finished our little loop.  I see camp!
Now we relax at camp as it's getting dark. 
Of course I watch for vermin.
The powerful professional whackers stay out overnight.

The next morning, noisy tools came out and
we headed west clearing the trail as we went.

Ya, get that corridor opened back up.

The weedy grass was knocked down.
We can actually see the bridge over Tank Creek now.

We cleared it for about 1.5 miles, but the grass was the deepest here.

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