Tuesday, July 7, 2015

Agate Beach adventure hike.

On Sunday afternoon we joined Mark's gang who went to Agate Beach, which is located about 12 miles SW of Ho town, as the sea gull flies.
Oh ya Pete, I've not seen you in days!

Me and Bella are glad to get out and run ahead.
We head east from Agate beach.

Fallen trees on the beach and high water makes us head inland.

Was that a long lost bridge?

I took a cooling dip.

Mark and Pete's GPS guides us along old logging roads.

This is real adventure!

It was thick for a ways.
Finally back to the shore!
Pete shows us the huge creek he had to ford.

Ya Rose, I just don't get out or get any social time.

We rest on the Freida sandstone at Rockhouse Point.

It's everywhere!
Mark points out rose granite pushed down
from Canada on our way back.

The rock house?
We head west on the shore. Sometimes it was a challenge.

Rose and Mark compare interesting rock finds.

I love Augusto.  He's visiting from Brazil.

I got out for a swim.

We had such a nice time today.

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