Sunday, July 5, 2015

Swedetown trails run.

Saturday morning, the 3rd, the pack headed up to Swedetown trails for a ride (I ran).   Please note with the foliage fully out, darn  little light filters in making photos on the fly quite difficult.
Our pal Chuck is here!
We didn't actually see him, we just ran past his car.

OK good, I see single track.

Which way do we go?

We spied some interesting mushrooms.

The farmer's kitchen on Farmer's Well trail.

Hey! I spy vermin.

Pretty wild flowers were out.

Sandy's been working long hours, so I've not been out as much.

OK, I'll have a drink.

Now where?

OK, we'll go down Cable Connector.

All the rain has been good for the greenery.

We had such a nice ride here today.

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