Tuesday, July 21, 2015

Monday camp and Tuesday NCT trail maintenance!

Tuesday's weather was predicted to be reasonable for doing trail work again on our section of the North Country Trail.   So as soon as Sandy got home from work, we headed south west to our favorite camp site along the trail and just south east of Mass City.
Hey!  Weren't we here just a couple of days ago?

I love camping, it's all about adventure.

Oh they're making coffee this morning.

We all ate a hardy breakfast.

I planned on Chipmunk, but they wouldn't come down.
Finally! We're off.
Arly was ready to do some trimming.

He cleaned up branches encroaching on the trail.
I watched for wasps as Sandy freshened up the faded blazes.

This one came down last winter.
Arly rolled this one off, and Sandy thought us
trail mutts may appreciate the low blaze.
Arly buzzes off another dead fall.

Can you see the angled cut-offs?
Is this tree eating that old blaze?

We crossed the road to someone's camp.
Sandy scrapes the back side of that tree so
she can add a new blaze.
Lookin' good! I approve.
It's been an adventure filled day and we're just about back.
I'm tired and had enough.

I hope you can join us next time!

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