Sunday, January 26, 2014

Weekend adventures...I love a parade!

Did you know? Saturday was Heikenpaiva. The bear rolled over. Winter is half over. That's not good news, for a snow dog! But we celebrated anyway.

The Brr-Maids were on hand.

So was KNSC!

I can't read, but I'm pretty sure the Glide 'N Gorge means adventure.
Here I am!

Oh yeah, Lisa, you never get to scratch my ears much.
I helped everyone line up.

All the big Finnish mythical figures were there!

Nothing mythical here...

Looking for his reindeer?

The Finlandia Lion wasn't sure what to
 make of the swan...neither did I.

Heikki Lunta has been ever-present this winter.

Many of my fans were out today!

I guess Pandas don't hibernate...
On Sunday, Arly had to get crackin' on the trails.
We found Swedetown Creek mushrooms in full bloom.

Arly "squeaked" his lips and made him look around.

Guess "whooooo" he saw out there? Hope we see YOU soon!

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