Monday, January 20, 2014

Churning Rapids BC adventures with Mark and Bella!

We met Mark and Bella on High Point road just a few miles north of Hancock.
Me and Bella are ready for a deep snow romp.  Let's go Mark!
Sandy and I came down the hill to Spring Creek first.
Now Mark and Bella.

Oh this snow is deep and fun to run in.

Too deep for Mark?  He fell down so we came back to help.

The creek was deep this past summer and the bank had sloughed off.

Most interesting sand layers were spied
Ok, let's keep going.

I ventured out on this bridge.

I led the way across this one.

We crossed the creek many, many times today.

Mark and Bella made it!

We found many adventures in the Spring Creek gorge today.

Including deep snow.


Another hill to zoom down.

Snow dogs live for this kind of adventure.

Christensen snow field. See the loooong January shadows?

We're doing a run down this hill.  Is this like Ullr's gulch??

Can we have apple pie when we get home??

Bella is waaaay faster than Mark.

Now we head back up on the groomed trail.

We had so much fun here.
You should have been here with us...   I'm a social dog!

I was glad for the snowshoe packed trail.
I've had enough deep snow bounding by now.

The sun came out and made this day special.

Ya, hunting dogs never rest.

One last bridge to zoom over.

Almost back, we had such a nice adventure here.

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