Monday, January 20, 2014

BC Tech adventures close to home!

On Sunday afternoon, we  missed out on Mark's gang's ski and pot luck since Arly was out too long grooming the trails. So instead, we had a BC adventure close to home, at Tech!
We started at the school forest.
This was near the high school ball fields.

It was deep!

Me and Arly peered over the high edge. I'm not going down here!

They thought it was kinda chilly...
I was plenty warm in my luxurious curly coat.

I found hunting to be pretty good.

Winter makes me wide-eyed.

See how much wind and snow we've had?

We checked out the foot bridge.
The ropes are usually waist-height on the 2-leggeds.

I led the way, as usual.

Maybe you can join us on our next BC ski adventure!

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