Sunday, January 12, 2014

Snow fun events in Cable WI and Ironwood MI!

What a 4 day weekend I had!   We took off on Thursday heading west to Cable WI to attend the IMBA Fat Bike trail grooming conference.   Arly thinks he needs to chat grooming every chance he gets.
This is the snow we saw just outside of Houghton.  Ya we got some.

We stopped just west of Hurley WI to check out our
 favorite trails found here and  we spied a
grooming sled coming off them

It was Charlie!  I love friendly groomers ya know!

He takes care of the Uller trail.  Tanks Charlie!!!

Next we stopped at a FS trail near Mellon WI.
Dogs aren't allowed...good thing I'm a trail mutt.
We are finally going!

Their snow was shallow but the 2-leggeds
 found skiing was still good.

It followed my favorite North Country Trail.

In Cable, we stayed at the Hummingbird Haven.
 It's Trail Mutt approved! Cathy even left some treats
for me!  Here is her work address.

Friday was the SnowBike trail
grooming convalcade...
I found some friendly folks at the demo!

Mike came from Marquette MI.  I love him.

After the conference, we headed to
our favorite Wolverine Village,
just outside of Ironwood MI.
I met Randy and many new and
old friends here over the weekend.

On Saturday, Sandy skied the Sisu half marathon.
I got acquainted with some friendly folks and
KIDS while waiting for her.

Even a friendly Gramma was there!

Oh yeah, they all were touching me.  This is the best!

Jo Ellen, Diane and I huddled up by the fire.
We all stayed at Wolverine Village!

Yay! Sandy finally made it in.

She found the 1/2 marathon more enjoyable than
the full...she can't quite go and go like me.

Bye bye, little ones!

On Sunday, we bade farewell to our fellow Villagers.

Debbie, my ears are down here!
 She manages the Wolverine village.
Its trail mutt approved!

Me and Junior got to romp around together.

Hey! I don't know about this competition for ear scratching.

After leaving to head home,
we stopped off to ski our pal Jim's trail.

They had good, deep snow.

We're so glad Jim is taking care of this trail!

It wasn't groomed a few years ago...
not that I would mind deep snow.


I had to stop for a drink after that deep snow bounding.

I've trained Arly to watch for vermin.
He's not worth a hoot at it, however.

We skied by a nice hemlock stand.

She left a little note in the log for Jim.

Finally, we're back in the Copper Country again. How fast can we really go here?
We wanna get home!

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  1. Great post! Love all the snow too. :-) We received some more today. Yay!