Thursday, January 23, 2014

Drift Busting Grooming dept. Photos from the trail...

We had some wind here overnight, so much our old house shook. It was also so cold we didn't get out for a romp. So Arly had to get out on the trails this morning and he took a few photos of what he saw. 
When will we all get out???
Ya the wind blew...  No tracks remained here.

I could jump up on this drift!

This is looking better.  Other than his tracks!

He had to stop and move sticks off.

Trees lean over from snow on them.

I love Swedetown creek.

He thinks he stopped 30 times to get them off today.

And the sun came out.

Tracks left over from yesterday!

Ya the sun made it pretty.

Up Side Winder hill he goes.

The wind dropped snow in here which stuck to the trees.

After the storm someone must have been hungry!

Snow might cover Lisa's trail sign over.

More drifts on the Mud Lake loop.  The roller and Rhino will knock these down and smooth them up.

In Churning Rapids the trail was blocked with many snowy trees.
He had to turn back here...

At least some people where skiing here!

The last one to remove for the day.

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