Wednesday, June 28, 2017

Out west adventures III and Home!

Up north really... not much west anymore, in Sandy's home town of Ely MN.

Grampa is always a willing ear-scratcher.  I love that!

I got to meet the whole gang! Sandy's family was all Trail Mutt Approved.

You know I love to be in the middle of all the girls!

Oh ya.

The next day at Sandy's folks' home, some people just couldn't take
all the excitement.

Ya Bobbie, right there.

Put that clicker down, and scratch me!

Oh, the best is when you can get both ends rubbed at the same time.

After we left Ely, we headed to camp near Brule WI.

We're off the grid!

We camped here so we could hike the NCT.

The camp at Winneboujou Bluff.

One of several scenic vistas.

The Brule-St Croix chapter really does a bang-up job keeping the
 trail up.

However, there were a few "off" blazes...

We finally found a water source!
This is the headwaters of the Bois Brule River.

I recommend it!

There is a view of the valley not visible in the photo.

Back at camp, we relaxed.

No mosquitoes to swat, but plenty of ticks to pick.

It was cool enough that it felt good to have a fire.

We hunt together. I heard a chipmunk!

They had salad, hummus and chips....I had lame kibble as usual.

The morning was as nice as the day before.

Today, we hiked to the south.

Such a quaint trail.  We'd never hiked this section before.
It was nice!

A bit of a view.

We drive out on the narrow logging road.

Home and my own yard at last!
I love vacation, but I love to get back home too.

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