Monday, June 5, 2017

Beaver reroute adventures!

A family of Beavers on our section of the North Country Trail migrated down Tank creek a bit, built new dams, and flooded a bridge that hikers should be using.   Oh well.  So we spent Sunday cutting a "go around" trail.
I love the NCT on Gardner RD! 
I'll rub my nose in pine needle as soon as we arrive!

Now let's go!

After hours of searching for a good route, we finally get to work.

This is the descent to Tank Creek.  It was HOT out today.

This is the west side of the creek and
we just put a sign up.  Oh ya, I can't read.

And the same thing on the east side near Gardner RD.
This is very near the parking lot.

It's been a long, hot day and we are ready to quit. 
Can we go to Rousseau and eat??

We did!  This place is trail mutt approved!

I even have a 4 legged pal here.  Rocco!

It's never far to the Rousseau Bar!

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