Tuesday, June 6, 2017

More NCT fun!

Today, the pack headed out to my favorite Gardner Rd. trail head of the NCT, to do more work clearing our section.
Hey!  Are we headed back to Gardner RD??  Don't leave me!

Oh good, we're back to our Gardner Rd "camping area"!
They decided to clean up the parking lot of weeds.
OK, let's get to work.

Then they put up more signage to mark the re-route.

Lookin' good!
The beavers on Tank creek really got it flooded good.

Next we knocked the weeds down.
 This is the abandoned dam that hikers will now take to cross Tank Creek.

This is the string we use to cut the serious weeds with.

Can you see anything in this photo?

This is the same one, up close.  A fawn!

A bit later, they had a sandwich. I had lame kibble.

The trusty pole saw at work.

Arly cleaned up a spot for a blaze.

The dust sprays as Arly carefully relieves the
pressure on this pinned down tree.

There were a few down trees to splice.

All in all, another great day to be out!

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