Saturday, June 24, 2017

Summer Vacation 2017!

Me and the pack decided to take a couple weeks to visit friends and family far and wide this summer.
I saw that Sandy was loading the car.

NO WAY are they leaving me home!

We stopped in Ironwood MI for a quick hike on these trails.

Next stop was Levis Mound trails.
We camped at their chalet, that was just being built.

In the morning, we got out for a quick hike before breakfast.

They had their favorite camp breakfast of bacon and pancakes.

Some friendly riders came by and played with me.

Later, we went for another little hike before heading west.

Next, we arrived at the Aronson house in Chamberlain SD!
 Here the kids of all ages are playing spoons.

We had so much fun with the kids and everyone.

I like to stay in the mix of things.

Hayes played his guitar for us.

Oh yeah Kara, I like that.

And you can always hug me Marla.

Ya, this is ranch life.

We went for a hike and seen a rainbow.

We went along the RR tracks. Iron!

I got to see many beasts at the farm.

We went for a little hike in the pasture.

It's sure windy here.

But pretty.

Arly checks the tractor out.

Farm cats watch for birds.

Arly's mom Charmaign is always good for a rub.

Time to move the bulls to the pasture.

Have fun with the girls!

Next we headed west. This is Lake Mead, near Sturgis.

We took a little hike across the prairie.

That's Bear Butte in the back ground.

We stopped in to see my friend Kent!

He's got a new shed for his tractor and haying equipment.

After supper, we just relaxed.

In the morning, I relaxed on the porch.

We did a little hike in Spearfish before leaving town.
Among the cow paths, we did manage to
 find some nice hiking trails.
As you can see, we're at the edge of town.

It was hot and of course, windy.

I had to guard Arly from falling off of Lookout Mountain.

Oh oh! Look out for the beasts.

They make me very nervous!

We said hi to the fellow putting in trail head amenities.

On out way west. We stopped for lunch in Gillette WY,

If you are there, don't miss it! The best we've tried yet.

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