Wednesday, April 29, 2015

Spring Tech Trail cruise!

Sorry we've not been posting much lately but my pack got a new computer and they're still struggling to get everything to work for them.  Lame! This is actually our 2nd run for the season because we had romped around these trails with our pal Tom yesterday but my lame pack forgot the camera.

I showed my jumping prowess.

We warmed up on the Time Trial Loop.

We like the cool sunny spring weather.

I stopped off to hunt.
Catching up is no problem for me
when they are so out of shape.

Trails are dry and clean!

We checked out the Inner Peace loop.

Lotsa rebuilt corners with berms here.

I had many nice cooling dips today. 
Winter dogs do appreciate that!

Hunting was good everywhere.

We even saw some other riders!

Ya, I did get hot.

We headed towards the Mill Rd. trail head.

Snow! I would have taken a snow bath...

...but a regular bath was ok.

Hey! I spy more vermin.

We had such a nice ride - two days in a row!
I hope Tom goes with us tomorrow.

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