Friday, April 17, 2015

Shove Ice lake shore adventure!

On the afternoon of Sunday April 12th Mark's gang hiked on the shove ice up along 5 Mile Point road that's located north east of Calumet.  Sorry to be so slow in posting these but we were having computer grief here.
Hi Dave! I love him, he scratches me.

Hi Bella!

The shore is still snow covered.

Mark checks out the view from atop the snow mountain.

I stayed close for safety sake.

Me and Lisa were so brave!

We floated on the ice berg together.
I leaped across the gap from the main land to the ice berg so bravely.
Mark, Bella and Arly made it out to the next ice berg.
They are VERY brave!  They were about 4ft thick.

This is really a pile of ice that's covered in sand.

We ended up nearby the 5 Mile Point Light house, now a B & B.

On the old breakwater

Me and Emmanuel took a break together.

Me and Bella both know how to get some good ear scratching.

Dave theorizes about the winch.

Time to head back.

We spied a drain hole in the ice.

We saw the Peterson's at work.

Another boat we spied was a lake freighter.  We later learned it was the U.S. Steel  boat the Edwin Gott

We hiked on rock....

...and beach sand.

I had to make a cooling stop. Ice water is the best!

Hunting was good.

We were so glad Kathy could join the gang again!

Almost back.

We had such a nice hike on the Lake shore today.

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