Saturday, April 25, 2015

Bailey Lake hike and Meeme falls.

Tuesday hike with Mark and Bella! 
At the Copper Country Audubon's Lake Bailey Wildlife
I led the way through the cedar swamp.

After crossing the swamp we climbed the bluff
and ran into snow.

At the top we could see the lake to the north.

The air was dry and visibility good.
Oh ya, we had such a nice hike to the top.

Patches of snow remain up here.

View to the south and we could hear the stream roaring below.

Markers of various colors showed the way.
Of course, us mutts didn't need no markers.

We stopped for snacks. Mark brought his maps.
Me and Bella keep telling him, stick with us
 and you won't get lost!

We head back down.

Aaaahhhhhh  winter dogs can cool off here.


This was along 5 Mile Point Road near Eagle River, where we ventured in to find the elusive Meeme falls.   Mark had tried to find them years ago but failed to locate them.

Me and Bella had to wait on the slow pokes, as usual.

It was brushy but a trail could be found.

Laying on the gorge edge, Sandy spied a rock engraved
with the falls' name.

Water was up and the falls quite nice.

The little gorge had many rapids in it.

We found what appeared to be an old bridge location.

We crossed the creek via "natural" bridge.  
We hiked upstream to see what we could find.  
Adventure dogs are all about that!
We had such nice adventures up north today.

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