Saturday, April 11, 2015

Hungarian Falls romp in the spring sun!

With the temps zooming upwards, my pack thought we should hike up to these gorgeous falls.
I've not gotten out much lately!

We start on an old RR grade.

Looking south on this trestle, we can see Torch Lake.

Looking down, this is Dover creek.

Next we went west to find an old trail up to the top.

I can really go here!

We turned up off the RR grade to go up the hill.
It's hot for a winter dog!

I'll show her the way.

No problem for a water dog!

Ya rolling in the snow is the best!  You should try it.

This was a very scary creek crossing.

Sandy's nervous but with all-paw drive, I'm not.

The falls are still hiding behind the ice and snow here.

Oliver came along. He hung out for a while.
Arly's nephew Levi sent him here to visit us.

Now we went into the gorge to see a trail
we'd not been on in many years.

This is such a pretty creek.

Back out, we stopped to see on old RR trestle foundation.

Oliver wanted to see the old trestle too.  I wish Levi was here!

Lots of friendly people were out to see the falls today.
I don't often get out to be social you know.

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