Saturday, March 21, 2015

Swedetown creek gorge adventures!

On Saturday morning my pack thought they needed to see what was happening down in the gorge. 
I just wanted to get out!

The 2-leggeds said it was too icy to ski, so they hoofed it.

We took a short-cut through the woods to the Pine Loop descent.

Trail mutts aren't bothered by narrow bridges!

The River Trail had some bare spots.

She's being way too careful...she just needs to leap
and bound like me!

The old dam which washed out years ago.

The culverts are flowing.

We checked out the fast water....I stayed close for safety.

Sometimes trail mutts need some security.

Ya, Arly, you really should have that locked up.

Jumping up is no problem for all-paw drive.

Tea time.

The dam meadow.

We had such a nice romp today!

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