Tuesday, March 10, 2015

Porkies Yurt Adventure, part 2

Our story picks back up here...
After breakfast, the pack headed out for a BIG ski.

Hey! I almost caught a vole.
But he was wiley and got away.

We checked out the trail to Lost Creek Yurt. It was pretty!

We meet yurt dwellers heading back out.
I got to see some kids!  I love kids.

We had lunch at the Lost Creek yurt.

This is a narrow trail and they rub trees with
their Pisten Bully tracks.

Their Bully is quite old and losing some oil!
Didn't need the flags today....it was groomed
all the way to the yurt!  We skied about 10 miles today.

I continued my hunting back at our yurt.
I had an excellent vantage point to spot squirrels.

Spaghetti! I didn't get any, as usual.
Although, I did get dish duty - I didn't mind.

The next morning, we got ready to head out for more adventure.

Back country romping was great!

So was hunting.

And bounding.

This little balsam was sporting a nifty necklace.

Tea time, near Union Spring.

We love this hemlock forest.

Let's go!

The old fallen tree roots look artsy in the winter.

The beaver dam crossing at Union Spring.

We made it to our lunch stop, our favorite Cross Cut Cabin.

Later, we went to see the East Vista.
That's Lake Superior on the left.

It was a perfect place for a snow bath.
I recommend them, ya know.

Back at camp, Arly got out a yummy snack.
This is from Sandy's home town of Ely, MN.

I continued my hunting.

I held this squirrel at bay for quite a long time.

OK, I guess the setting sun means it's time to
let the squirrels rest.

We had such a nice ski today. Another perfect Porkies day.

The morning sun as seen through our yurt's door.

Bye bye, Little Union River yurt!

At least I got to meet Paul, the most friendly park employee around.
I love him!

We're off!

We started out on a back country route.

It was a little rough - but no match for the pulk.

Then we came down South Boundary Road -
a snowmobile trail in the winter.

Now we're back on the ski trail.

And the last little trail to the park HQ.

We made it! Maybe you can join us next year?


  1. Looks like a great trip! Did the park staff say anything about your furry partner? I wanted to bring my dog on that trip this winter.

    1. We gee, no problems for us after XCing in the Porkies with dogs for many years. Seems they have lots of rules but only apply them when someone causes a problem. Our dogs are trained. How om earth did you find Gromit's blog? Feel free to email us for further comments. arlyn.aronson(at)gmail.com