Tuesday, March 10, 2015

Porkies Yurt Adventure 2015

Ya! We finally got to go on our long awaited spring camping trip.  We did this last year and here you can read about that adventure.
Looks like adventure gear is being loaded.   I best stay close by.

We stopped on the shore, just before the Porkies

Looks like it's snowing out on the lake!

Oh dear, now I'm getting my pack put on.

We're off!  We left the car at the headquarters parking lot.

We bumped into friendly skiers right off.  Do you need a pulk sled?
They had stayed at the yurt we're heading to.

Change from last year's trip is our new pulk!
That's the sled.

My pack says the new pulk is working great!
They assembled it with the help of Ski Pulk.com.

But they are still slow on the uphill sections

They think its got about 80lbs in it.
They keep forgetting to buy a scale.
Here we turn off of the main trail and head to the yurt.
It's about a 3 mile ski in.

I helped set up camp.

Home sweet home! For 4 days at least.

I  had to lead her to the water.

No one had walked down here in a while. It was deep!

Arly got a hole broken open.

Kinda hard to fill the bag in the small hole...

...so some scooping was in order.

Since I didn't manage to catch any wild game,
 I had to settle for lame kibble.

Later, we went on a short adventure ski. We found a quinzee!

I wonder if kids had stayed here?

We went to visit at the Union River 8 Bunk
but no-one was home.

We finished the day off with back-country bounding.

My pack is sampling boxed wine.
They think bottles are too heavy, even in the pulk.

It didn't take long for me to wind down.

Next morning - cereal with nido (whole dried milk)

I love to camp!

Day 2 post to continue...

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