Sunday, March 29, 2015

A Mud Lake route.

Oh ya, it snowed this week and I heard my pack say "the dog really needs to get out".   What does that mean?   We got out Saturday morning.
Finally! On Saturday morning, we romped at Maasto.

Tomasi Rd. had just enough snow for good gliding,
but was low enough for good bounding.

The crust was excellent, thanks to below zero temps the
past few nights.

On the Vista Trail.

Hunting was good. I smelled a mouse.

Spring is springing on Sidewinder Hill.

Next we headed over to see the Mud Lake loop.

Folks have been skiing here!

Just enough snow.

Hey! I spy a gray squirrel.

Maybe I can shake him out of the tree,
and down into my mouth.

It started getting hot. 40 is too warm for a winter dog.
Now we headed into Churning Rapids.

Snow is still great.

So is hunting.

Now down towards my favorite Swedetown Creek.

Whew! I think it's getting hotter.


The water level has come down with the cold nights.

As I was om top hunting and
the snow rolled down.

We relaxed by the babbling creek for a bit.

Then we headed up the Pine Loop bypass.

Be sure you get out before it's all gone!

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