Tuesday, March 12, 2013

This week on da trail

I let Arly take a little bit of my blog space. 
 That's OK because I love ski trails too!
This is the new drag.  He claims it's the best implement KNSC has today...

The Griz handles the drag just fine. It has all-paw drive, just like me.

It levels the trail and smooths out the bumps.
It compacts the snow better than a roller does.

Next he set tracks with the Ginzu.

The River Trail is nice and level from the drag.

He says the trails looked as good as ever today,
until the snow started to come down and cover them all up.
You won't hear ME complaining about more snow!

He did the BC trail in Churning Rapids which hadn't been
compacted in a while.
It was DEEP! I wish I'd been there...

See the snow blowing off the pod?

He says this machine is the best and could even handle this deep powder while pulling the roller. Why aren't the head lights working??

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