Saturday, March 30, 2013

Swedetown Creek Snow-N-Water adventures

We awoke to drizzle on Saturday morning which dampened our idea of going for a ski.  By the afternoon the rain stopped so we thought we should see Swedetown Creek and how high it had gotten.  Not all that high but spring weather was opening her up!
I saw a shark fin at this section.

I'm so brave!
Sometimes I forget I'm a water-dog.  My nose itches!

I need LOTS of moral support for adventures like this!
I see the ski trail bridge. Can we use it??

These are rocks in the creek that deep snow will bridge over.

Oh she is so brave!

I think I'll have to rescue Sandy!

Oh good, no one drowned.

Sometimes the snow covers the WHOLE creek.

We crossed it many, many times.

Ya, sometimes adventure dogs aren't all that brave... Even when the creek is just a few inches deep.

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