Sunday, March 24, 2013

O-Kun-De-Kun Falls BC adventures

On Saturday my pack traveled to Ironwood and on the way back, we back country skied in on the North Country Trail heading east. With the snow heavy and sticky, we only made it about 4 miles each way. It was tough going, even with all-paw drive!

I was ready for some bounding in the snow!

This is part of the NCT we take care of.

You are SO slow!

At the O-Kun-De-Kun Falls.  They were covered over but we could hear them falling inside.
I'm not getting ANY closer!

Trail work is clearly visible to us...

Bridges are scary!

Ya I'm ready to get off!

Trail markers found on the ground.
Will we get some trail blazes put up this spring??
Many dead-falls are across this trail.
This Porkie fellow won't come out to say "hi".

Snow mushrooms?

Arly had to cut some snow balls off.  They were slowing me down!

A hunting dog can smell Grouse.
 I flushed him out all by myself.

How old is this blaze??  Ya we got work to do.

I get through a creek crossing faster than them slow pokes.
Actually the snow was soft and even all-paw drive
was slow today.

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