Tuesday, June 5, 2012

Your Cable WI weekend invitation!

On this weekend of June 9-10th we’re heading to Cable WI for a  Chequamegon crazy trail ride and camping extravaganza.  Maybe you’d like join us?   You know how social of a mutt I am!   We’ll camp in the NFS campground on Namakagon lake located just east of Cable and bring along food, various favorite beverages and shower equipment for the weekend.    This is a rustic CG and you are free to use our shower setup.    We’ll cancel on Friday if the chance of rain exceeds 50% over the weekend or its to darn HOT for us Yoopers.   This is not  a private party so kids, dogs and anyone you’d like to invite along is welcome.   My pack will arrive Friday evening and do a longish ride (run for me) Saturday.   Then a short one Sunday am before heading back.   It’s a fun filled ride weekend of camp fire stories (all true)..  On Saturday evening we’ll have a potluck dinner.   Posted below are a few photos from past camps there.

Due to the warm temps predicted here and in Cable this weekend, we'll be heading up to Copper Harbor were the temps are reputed to be considerably cooler.   A winter dog like myself doesn't do well in hot weather!

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