Saturday, June 23, 2012

Another Swedetown Swing

With warm weather in the works, we wandered up to Swedetown for a bright and cheery ride before it got too toasty out. Winter dogs just can't appreciate warm weather!.
I was hot from the get-go.

But I still love to run!

Arly led the way through the pines.

We had to take many cool down stops.

Good thing for the rain this week, this was
an excellent water stop.

Otherwise, we had to improvise.

These rocks don't stop me!

Our ride was "Uff Da" today.

The food was really good! Where's Tom??


After our spin, we stopped into our favorite trail mutt-certified eatery: Cafe Rosetta. The pack dined out on the sidewalk where several very friendly people gave me some attention, which I am always lacking in.

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