Sunday, June 3, 2012

Weekend ride-n-camp

On Saturday morning the pack worked to get the garden in, and with the weekend weather looking perfect for camping, after the gardening was done, we loaded the little camper and headed up the peninsula in search of adventure.. And that is my middle name!  
On the way up we stopped for a "Wonder Ride"
at Swedetown trails.

A bottle has to do when there are no favorite creeks nearby..

Here we came off of the Burly Trail.

Winding through the pines...

 After our adventure at Swedetown, we jumped into the bread box and pointed it north. The best adventures are had in Copper Harbor!

The moon over Lake Fanny Hooe
It was a perfect morning for camping!
I helped make pancakes.
Don't I get some?
Finally, some trail adventure!
Woopidy-Woo is great!
Another switchback with a Woop.
I love running down this trail with my pack!
Whoshier??  Rolled  trash off the top of Brockway
Shadows of Woopidy-Woo,
This is the best part! I love Garden Brook.
We took the long and conservative way
down, not this more adventurous path.
Ready to roll down the Stairway!
We were enjoying the cool breeze off the Big Lake, seen here.  Here is a video we took going down this a few years ago.
I heard someone fell off this corner. Looks plenty wide to me!
Down, down, down...
Rock at the bottom of the Stairway.
The sticking up rock has gotten many bikers!
It's Sunday, so we stopped at church.
This is the historic church in Phoenix.

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