Saturday, March 18, 2017

Low snow spring run in Churning Rapids!

Finally, I got my pack out. They thought we should check out the snow in Churning Rapids.
Oh dear, our snow has really gone down.
Snow has melted from this bridge.  Kind of scary!

This is Spring Creek.

We fly down this hill.  I just turned 10 but still am so fast.

Ya, I like to run with my pack..

And roll in the snow.  And roll again.  It feels sooooo good. You should try it!

Not many more fun skis like today left this year.

Wednesday, March 8, 2017

Spring Porkies Yurt-N-ski adventures II

This post is from days 3 and 4.

Even though it froze last night, the Little Union is waaaay up.

Lotsa down branches and trees with these windy conditions.

We skied the trail heading to Lost Creek yurt. Tough goin'
for the Porkie's groomers!
Hey! We met the friendly yurt dwellers. There were from Detroit.

I'm so glad we got to visit for a while!

A snowman is always evidence of warm weather.
This was just down the trail from their yurt.

Since the trail was icy and sketchy for skiing, they wanted to take the road back.
I'll mention that all-paw drive worked just fine every where.

It's been a busy, busy day and I couldn't stay up any longer.

On Wednesday, we had to pack up. Can't we stay longer?

It snowed overnight!  Too bad the wind howled as well.
Looks like he's almost ready.

Bye-bye, Little Union yurt.

The skiff of new snow helped the trails ski better.

Lots more debris down from the non-stop wind.

We zoomed down the road. The trail did not have enough snow any more.

Not a snowmobile in sight.

Today's cold wind was a big change from the rest of our trip.
Bye-bye, Porkies. We'll be back later this spring!

Spring Porkies Yurt-N-ski adventures!

We just got home from our annual Porkies Yurt-N-ski spring vacation that we've done the the past 4 years.  This post will be from the 1st two days.
I'll stay close by, or they might leave me!

At the Porkies parking lot, I met friendly campers coming out.
They'd been at the Yurt we're heading to.

You know I like kids! 
They live in Duluth now but used to live in Houghton.

Ya, I love a little petting too. Hope we see you again sometime!

Up the trail we went.

Almost there.

We made it!

Ya Arly, let's get this pack off. It impedes my squirrel hunting.

This is were I sit and watch for chipmunks,.

Sandy sent us to fetch water.

I had to make sure he didn't fall in.

Yurt moon view

In the morning, I got right to hunting while they lollygagged around,
having breakfast.

Finally we headed out going cross country.
We spied some interesting fungus.

What is that, a dead dog?

Heck no! Just a very clean one - from multiple snow baths.

We skied down to the Union River cabin, but no-one was home.

Next we headed west down the trail. Yes, this really is the trail!

The thermometer seen here said it was 49.

We wish the park had the funds to fix these fantastic ski trails,
plus the hiking trails, bridges, etc.

Here, we usually cross on a beaver dam but it washed out.
We found another further down stream.

Made it to Union Spring!

You can see it oozing up water just to the left of the bridge.

Seasonal streams were all running good today.

Back on the ski trail.

We took a little break, then since skiing was so good, headed out again.

Left over from maple syrup harvest of years past?

After such a busy day, I had to take a little break from squirrel hunting.