Sunday, July 30, 2017

Tuesday truck adventures.

On Tuesday this past week we planned to do NCT trail work but the forecast became toooo warm.  So me and my pack traveled down to Rhinelander WI to look at Toyota trucks.  Seems that we're getting too many old used cars around this place and something needs to go.
They've been looking at Tacomas. Sandy makes sure there is room
for me in the back. I say we should take it!

This is Sam a very friendly sales guy at Rhinelander Toyota.
Ya Sam, you can rub me some.

I like to be in the middle of things.
It must have worked because they decided to get the truck. 

On the way home it was getting late,
so we stopped at a BBQ place in Watersmeet.

We traveled a bit further north to OJ's rest stop and had dinner.

This is where the Middle Branch of the Ontonagon river goes under highway 41.

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