Sunday, July 23, 2017

Saturday's one long-n-hot hike

Sandy thought we needed to be in shape, for some longer hikes we got coming up. So we headed back out to the most lovely place on the Ottawa Forest, parking off of Forest Highway 16.  We did 13 miles today.
Hiking towards the east, there is a short spur trail from the
parking area to the NCT.
Two posts back, we headed west from here.

 A couple white blazes said this was the spur trail.
Do you see a trail here?

This section of trail traverses mostly old growth forest.

Looks like a sawyer needs to be summoned.

A rare area of brushy growth in this old forest.
Why isn't it maintained?  There's not impossibly much to trim.

Some areas had series of dead falls.

This is not far from road access, and would be easy work for a sawyer.

At FS Road 1500.

We continue eastward.

We seen many, many trees across the trail today

There were lots of cooling stops today.

The weed whacker would easily make the tread visible.
In fact we lost the trail a few times today, due to marginal blazing.

Beaver Dam crossing #1.

If anyplace needs weed whacking, it is here!
The grass was 4ft tall and hikers would not be able see water,
or a board walk.

A recently knocked over ash tree.

Short re-route around a blow down.

What a mess! This is why the re-route was needed.

Yet another blow down area which was difficult to navigate.
Pity the back packers...

Beaver Dam #2, again not maintained at all.
We could loan them our whackers.

We stopped for a break. It was very buggy today!

Wiggle Creek was better for cooling and getting away from the mosquitoes.

There is a surprisingly big gorge that little Wiggle Creek cut out.
 This is such a nice trail, we just hate to see it go unloved.

We remember this from a few years back.
Has it laid here for more than 6 years?

Almost to South Laird Rd.

Some of these are new, but many have laid here for years.
Good thing we're not carrying 50 lbs packs today!


Made it!

Where's that DR mower we've heard so much about?
Parking lots need mowing too!

We take a break on the less buggy road.
This was as far east as we'd get today.

And we head back.

It's sad to see this spot which is visible right from the road, look so bad.
Visitors must think the trail is un-adopted.

Blazing ranges from good to skimpy, but only plastic and
not the current recommended painted blazes.

Woodpecker's buffet

Again, a weed whacker would make quick work of these whips
when they are still small.

Giant yellow birch...the stump it sprang up on now gone

Coming back over beaver dam at the east branch of the Sturgeon

The blow down mess on an old logging rail road grade

Another old logging RR grade

That stick has a blue ribbon on it....adequately maintained??
Findable/followable?? I think not!

I'll show them the way.

The mosquitoes never did let up today.

Artsy old growth maple.  Must have been broke from snow loads.

Even logging markings can look artsy.

Maybe we can get back here some time, and lend a hand.
This gorgeous section of trail deserves some love!

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