Saturday, November 12, 2011

Near the end!

In some wonderful fall weather, a modest sized but very friendly crew was behind the Hancock cemetery and cleaned up that weedy section of trail.  After that was done, since so much pent up enthusiasm was remaining, we moved to clean up the RR grade near the chalet, plus the Quincy loop. Shoots, weeds and limbs were all cleared up to get these trails ready for skiing!   Do you know how much I love skiing??   Please thank the Wheeler fam when you see them!!

Annika and Barbara threw the stick for me when they weren't working.

I helped by watching for vermin for Sandy on the Quincy loop.

After a along day on the trail,  its really hard to stay awake!

 On Friday, this motley crew was at the Tomasi trail head and planted a 12 ft post there to hold the drag up and off the trail when it's not in use. Please thank Jonathon Rulseh when you see him for his gracious help. Now just the hardware needs to be reinstalled (and more snow needs to fall) and it's ready for use!

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