Thursday, November 3, 2011

A bridge to better sking.

Some of my favorite trail friends came out this week to help make sure  the decking on one of the aging bridges on Maasto Hiihto's River Trail would not cave in this winter. I was so glad that Dave and Eric could put their building skills to work!
Bad boards on their way out.



One of my other favorite trail friends, Jay, came out with Arly today to finish up the Tomasi Trailhead sign project. The sign had to be taken down this summer because it  was in the way of the storage building.    But it also needed some TLC!  So my trail friends Wayne and Glen spearheaded an effort to re-plant the singe,  put a brand spanking new signage and map on the board, and re-attach the roof.   Last to do was re-tinning, which is what Jay and Arly did.  Doesn't it look grand?  This makes me think that snow will be here soon!
It even matches the new storage shed!

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