Friday, June 3, 2011

Who turned on the heat??

Thursday the pack was amazed to feel the intense heat of the summer sun when they walked out of the cool of Kent's home. Wouldn't ya know, just on the day we can finally go for a ride on M Hill in Rapid City!
Rock-reinforced corner

The "M" of M Hill.

We had a great ride here despite the heat. It was fun to finally experience these trails built to IMBA standards over the past few years.

Luckily for me, the Rapid Creek at the bottom of the hill was rushing along, and I was able to cool off at the end of the ride. Snow dogs appreciate a little coolness!

After a stop for lunch, the pack headed further east to Chamberlain, S.D. where Arly's folks live. No, we did not stop at Wall Drug despite all the enticing billboards along the highway.

Being at the Aronson's farm is always an adventure for a trail dog; today was no exception. The 2 leggeds were talking about skunks lurking around the farm, and sure enough my new-found 4 legged pal Lexi soon located one. Next, Grandma grabbed her gun from the closet and made quick work of the skunk.
Who was that, Annie Oakley?
One less skunk living under the shed. Oh, but the stink!

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