Monday, June 6, 2011

Life on the Aronson ranch.

On Friday, the excitement of ranching continued. Aronson's had a missing bull, and a mystery bull had also appeared with their cows. To top it off, one of their alfalfa fields had been accidentally sprayed with herbicide by a crop duster - whoops! Anyway, everyone was busy: Arly took charge of installing a new screen door on the house while I kept an eye on things. Sandy, Lynn, Ty, the folks, and border collies Mac and Jake headed out for a cattle drive which was to result in getting their bull into a trailer to bring back home.
My working cousins Mac & Jake.

Yee Haw! Cattle drive.

Catch and release?
Herb was guiding border collies Mac and Jake via 4-wheeler, Lynn was on her new mare, Charmaign provided lots of whoops and hollers, Ty flanked the herd on the right (out of this photo) with the pickup while Sandy filmed the drive.

That evening we all relaxed and grilled out at Lynn's place in Pukwana. I got to play with 4-leggeds Lexi and Heidi, and I especially had fun fetching over and over again for Hayes and Levi.
Where did that frisbee go??
Relaxing on top of Levi. He didn't mind, and I love kids!!
 The next evening the whole gang headed up to the Rinehart's ranch near Highmore. Arly's sister and Bro-in-law were having a party to celebrate the completion of a much needed new shop. Besides family and friends, most of Highmore must have showed up! We were treated to a fantastic pot-luck supper that kept growing as folks arrived, plus live music. There was dancing which was not caught on film. :(
Shop dance!

Sunday we bade everyone good-bye for now and hit the road for the north woods of WI. For the first time since we left WI, we were able to camp out!

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