Wednesday, June 8, 2011

Home sweet home

After our ride in Hayward, the pack stopped for lunch then set up camp at our favorite place in WI, Namekagon Camp Ground. I stayed there to guard the camper while the rest of the pack went for one more ride at Rock Lake, outside of Cable. That trail has no water for a trail dog to cool off in, so I wasn't too concerned about staying at camp.
Prior to swat-a-thon

What we hoped would be a relaxing evening at camp proved to be a swat-a-thon. The nasty mosquitoes were even harassing me! The rest of the pack donned long sleeves and pants plus bug nets. They were whining about how hot they were. I swam a few times so I was cool enough.
Peak swat-a-thon. You can see me rubbing my nose in the dirt to remove mosquitoes.

The next morning, we contemplated riding then either camping one more night or coming home after the ride, but in the end we were all so tired of getting bit up that we decided to break camp and head home. We took our lunch break at "O.J.'s Rest Stop", located on M-45 near the Ontanogon River. This was O.J.'s favorite place to stretch his legs on car trips with the pack.
O.J.   1989 - 2005

After lunch, it was just a short drive more and we were HOME! Wow is it nice to be back home.  I simply relaxed in the tall grass (It seems that it's been  warm and wet and here lately) and monitored the yard - a very important job.

Guess it's back to Keweenaw Trail Adventures for a while!

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